Meet Our Animals



Our Alpacas are SO soft and fuzzy! We love using their fleece for felting and spinning. These are the boys: Almond Joy, Mr. Heath and Sir Reese. They are so sweet, they have candy names.

Jacob Sheep


The big guy with the impressive horns is our ram, Chocolate Chip. He is a sweety...unless he is in breeding mode.  The ewes are all devoted to Chip and enjoy his protection. Our Jacob sheep are registered with the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association.

Cashmere and Angora Goats


Meet Buttercup and Bluebell. These girls love being petted and brushed. They shed their angora fleece in Spring for us to collect and use. Midas, our Cashmere billy, has sired adorable baby kids!

Scottish Highland Cattle


Our cows and bull have shaggy warm coats during the winter and shed off their downy undercoat in Spring. This picture shows Rue with her calf.  



Meet Boogie Knights, our guard Llama who lives with the male alpacas. His counterpart, Lizzie, lives with the female alpacas and goats to protect them.

Animals for Sale


Each Spring, we have Jacob lambs available. We have rams and ewes, both with 2 and 4 horns,  Goats kids are available in Spring also, Our kids are cashgoras (angora/cashmere cross).  Highland cows and bulls are usually for sale as well. Contact us if you are interested.